Van Eesteren Fellowship

Caroline Newton, associate professor at TU Delft

The ambition of the five year fellowship is to put an engaged and inclusive approach to planning on the agenda, whereby spatial justice is a leverage and design research an enabler. 

The Van Eesteren Fellowship is an initiative of the EFL Foundation. In terms of content, the fellowship focuses on design-based research at different scales and the contribution of design power to investigate metropolitan issues and translate them into new and future-proof concepts. As of September 2019, Caroline Newton is the new holder of the Van Eesteren Fellowship as associate professor at TU Delft.

Lecture series

Towards a grounded, just and unapologetically ethical planning practice

In this seminar series, we embark on a journey that will bring ideas, theories and everyday stories to the table to illustrate how this new engaged planning practice is slowly taking form. It will inspire, and it will push us to reflect. Every session, a guest will shed her or his light on this challenge we have ahead of us. During the closing seminar in December, the insights from the different sessions will inform a plenary debate about how ethics and spatial justice can inform the Dutch planning practice.